Infrared Therapy

How Does Infrared Therapy Work?

Infrared therapy is a light therapy that is used to repair tissue. The infrared light increases cellular metabolic rates by inciting mitochondria activity, which spurs enzyme activity, flushing out toxins and decreasing any pain and inflammation. Infrared light accelerates the production of cell tissue and quickly advances the regeneration of skin and blood tissues in any area exposed to the light. Infrared therapy also contributes to the reinforcement of the body's resistance to disease, augmenting the capacity of oxygen in the blood, and diminish the frequency of colds and respiratory infections.


Is Infrared Therapy Effective?

Clinical studies have proven that infrared therapy has wound healing capabilities, pain relief from some scars and fibromyalgia, as well as headaches, sprains and inflammation. Many health professionals are implementing infrared therapy as a common practice for treatment of pain.


What Our Customers Say

"Dr. Novak saved my life. I could barely move and he worked with me to get back on my feet, get back to a healthy state and back in the office. They even helped me work with my insurance company."
Karen S.